2/1/18        MYGAYTORONTO.COM                    UPSTAIRS INFERO: Historical Horror Made Cathartic

12/4/17      OUTSMART MAGAZINE                   Could the DVD/Blu-ray Release of this doc possibly be any timelier?

8/17/17      VALLEJO TIMES-HERALD               Filmmaker of Horrific Event, in Vallejo

4/30/17      BOY CULTURE                                  The Other Gay Massacre: A Review of Upstairs Inferno

4/14/17      CALL ME ADAM                                Call Answered: Robert L. Camina: Upstairs Inferno Documentary

4/9/17        THE OUTFRONT                                Upstairs Inferno, Sifting Through the Ashes

2/27/17      STAR OBSERVER                             Massacre Documentary Opens the Door to Conversation About...

2/26/17      FILM IN REVOLT                                UPSTAIRS INFERNO/Mardi Gras Film Festival

2/24/17      2SER RADIO (107.3 SYDNEY)          Mardi Gras Film Festival: UPSTAIRS INFERNO (audio)

2/14/17      ALTMEDIA                                          Upstairs Inferno

2/14/17      FBI RADIO                                          Six Films to See at the Mardi Gras Film Festival

2/09/17      WASHINGTON BLADE                      Forgotten Fire

02/03/17    FILMINK                                             Robert L. Camina: Details a Gay Tragedy with ‘Upstairs Inferno’

01/29/17    NEWS.COM.AU                                  The Mass Murder People Forgot

10/20/16    KERA (NPR) (audio)                           The Big Screen: ‘Upstairs Inferno’

10/19/16    THE PAISANO                                    Documentary Directed by UTSA Alumn Highlights Gay History....

09/24/16    ABOYSTOWN.COM                            Into the Fire: An Interview with Director Robert L. Camina 

09/22/16    THIRD COAST REVIEW                     Here Are Some of the Best Films To See at Reeling Film Festival

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07/27/16    SAN ANTONIO CURRENT                  Best of the Fest: 9 Promising Features Screening at San Antonio...

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7/20/16      HOUSTON CHRONICLE                     Nine QFest Films You Should See This Weekend

07/01/16    NFPA JOURNAL                                 Déjà Vu Nightmare

07/01/16    HARVARD GAY & LESBIAN REVIEW      A Night To Remember

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06/20/16    KQED                                                   Now Playing!  Finding the Strength to Love at Frameline...

06/19/16    CNN                                                      Before Orlando: The (Former) Deadliest LGBT Attack in U.S....

06/16/16    PROGRESSIVE PULSE                       The Docs of Frameline Are Excellent Mix of Historic and ...

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06/08/16    SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE         Best Bets for Frameline40

01/14/16    THE EAGLE                                         4th Annual Pride Film Festival this Saturday

12/01/15    OUTinSA                                              Searching For Compassion

11/18/15    ROMANCE OUT LOUD (audio)            Show 20 - Romance Out Loud

11/13/15    DALLAS VOICE                                   Scene of a Crime


11/12/15    RIVER CITY NEWS (audio)                     Preview: Doc About Deadly Fire at Gay Bar Opens OutReels...

11/11/15    CITY BEAT                                           What We Mean We Discuss All-American Stories

11/10/15    TEXAS OBSERVER MAGAZINE        ‘Upstairs Inferno’ a Harrowing Look at Another Era of LGBT Life

11/03/15    AUSTIN FUSION MAGAZINE             Healing Through Storytelling

11/02/15    POP CULTURE BEAST                      Austin Film Festival Review: Upstairs Inferno

11/01/15    AUSTIN360                                          Austin Film Festival 2015: ‘Upstairs Inferno’ is sure to enrage

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10/31/15    AUSTIN AMERICAN STATESMAN    A Guide to the Best of the Austin Film Festival

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10/27/15    SELIG FILM NEWS (video)                  AFF - 2015 - Interview Robert L. Camina, 5 Must See Films...

10/16/15    SEATTLE GAY SCENE                       Take Me to Church: ‘Upstairs Inferno’ Parallels Southern Faith’s...

10/09/15    SEATTLE GAY NEWS                        Upstairs Inferno documents 1973 arson in New Orleans

10/06/15    EXAMINER.COM                                 Review: Upstairs Inferno, documentary, by Robert Camina

10/05/15    ADVOCATE.COM                                The tragic search for a “lost soul”: Ferris LeBlanc

10/04/15    DEMOCRAT & CHRONICLE               Jack Garner: ImageOut Picks

09/23/15    GEORGIA VOICE                                 Your 2015 Out On Film Festival Review Roundup

09/18/15    SHREVEPORT-TIMES                         Shreveport’s Gay Film Festival Bridges Community Gaps

09/08/15    OUT IN THE 562                                   Long Beach QFilm Festival ‘Upstairs Inferno’ documents arson...

09/08/15    QUEERTY                                             Heartbreaking New Documentary Recounts Largest Gay...

09/07/15    LONG BEACH PRESS-TELEGRAM   QFilm festival in Long Beach: ‘Upstairs Inferno’ chronicles...

09/01/15    THE RAGE MONTHLY                         QFilms: Hot Reels in the City

09/03/15    SHREVEPORT-TIMES                         ‘Upstairs Inferno’ will premiere at North Louisiana Gay and ...

08/18/15     WUNC 91.5 (audio)                             ‘Upstairs Inferno’ Shows Forgotten LGBT History

08/14/15     THE HERALD-SUN                             ‘Upstairs Inferno’ documents 1973 fire        

08/01/15     DURHAM MAGAZINE                         Here’s to 20 years: Closing Night Film: Upstairs Inferno

07/16/15     CRITICAL N.O.                                    Movie Review: ‘UPSTAIRS INFERNO”
07/12/15     THE DINNER PARTY SHOW (audio)   Out & Proud

06/23/15     UNICORN BOOTY                               ‘UPSTAIRS INFERNO’ RECOUNTS THE GAY MASS MURDER...

06/22/15     GAMBIT MAGAZINE                           Upstairs Inferno documentary premieres at Prytania Theatre

06/22/15     VICE                                                     Revisiting a Deadly Arson Attack on a New Orleans Gay Bar...

06/21/15    WHIV (audio)                                        NOLA Matters Andrew Ward & Dr Dery

06/16/15    AMBUSH MAGAZINE                          An Interview with Robert Camina

05/19/15    AMBUSH MAGAZINE                          Premiere of Emotional New Documentary, UPSTAIRS INFERNO...

06/24/14    QUEERTY.COM                                    Survivors Of Largest Gay Mass Murder In History Recall...

05/31/14    ADVOCATE.COM                                 New Film Documents Worst Mass Killing of Gay People in...

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06/20/13    EXAMINER.COM                                  Filmmaker Robert L. Camina's new film will focus on LGBT...

06/20/13    ON TOP MAGAZINE                            Documentary 'Upstairs Inferno' Looks At 1973 Attack On...





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